Bright colours make gorgeous abstract art

LAHORE - Sana Dar’s twenty-one paintings influenced by abstract art featuring her life’s journey kicked off at Alhamra Art Gallery yesterday.

The exhibition was attended by large number of art lovers who praised the artist’s attempt to raise the abstract art with such lively effort seen in the paintings. Twenty-one artworks are on display at the exhibition.

Sana’s artist pursuit led her to paint her life's journey in her own words “Inspired by the Rorschach inkblot test, and by my own experiences, I paint my journey through life. Whatever little of it I know, and feel; my aim is to evoke the same sense of passion, patience that we felt when creating the work. I title them based on what I was going through at the time and hope that the viewer can imagine a story when they put the two together”.

Sana Dar talking about her paintings said that her mode of expression is painting that it ground; me when I do careful pen work, and liberates me when I apply paint on the surface and form textures. All my pieces have layered meanings and contexts. On other hand, the viewer has the liberty to experience his own instinctive response on first glance.

‘The boldness of the paint in contrast to delicate details around it, along with the title, then begin to weave a story for the viewer, enabling him to ponder on its message”, she said.

Sana’s work depicted emotions that fueled daily struggles, moments of brilliance, and the pan of being unable to verbally articulate the impact of all that is overwhelming in life. The way the paint is spread on the surface reflected impulse, anger, spontaneity, and passion

Abstract art is a type of art which focuses on colours and shapes rather than the subject itself and it began in 1911 by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) who believed that colors provoke emotions. He painted “Picture with a Circle” in 1911 and started the abstract art movement.

Sana did Visual Art and M Litt in TV and Film Studies from Beaconhouse National University. And she has been exhibiting her work in a variety of group shows since 2006, ranging from photographs to mixed media, and now through abstract expressionism and paintings. She has been exhibited her work at My Art World Gallery, Art House Co-op Brooklyn and other galleries across country.

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