ACCA pre-budget


LAHORE (PR): The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has presented a pre-budget proposal to FBR. The pre-budget proposal was initially presented to Head of ACCA Pakistan, Sajeed Aslam and Head of Members Affairs’ Haroon Jan by Chairman of ACCA Taxation Committee, Omar Zaheer. The pre-budget proposal focuses on the broadening of tax base, structural reforms, direct taxes, and indirect taxes.

In line with the overall impact on economy, treasury, and the principles of fairness and justice, the measures targeted a reduction in reliance on indirect taxes, utilization of NADRA and withholding tax databases, declaration of formalized asset valuations with fair market values, and lowering corporate tax rate.

ZIC CSR initiative

LAHORE (PR): Hi-Tech Lubricants Limited (ZIC) sponsored some wheel chairs in a CSR conference held at Lahore the other day. The wheel chairs distribution activity was organized by the University of Management and Technology in collaboration with the Dreams Team. Hi-Tech Lubricants Limited CEO Hassan Tahir & Chairman Shaukat Hassan have put the feet down as far as CSR initiatives are concerned with honest dedication towards the welfare affairs for the people.