LAHORE - GE (NYSE: GE) has signed contracts with Halmore Power Generation Company Limited and Orient Power Company Ltd to provide its Predix-enabled digital power plant solutions. This complements the government’s Vision 2025 to double power generation to over 45,000 megawatts and increase electricity access from 67 to over 90 percent of the population.

GE estimates there is $1.3 trillion in value creation between now and 2025 for companies that are going digital and $90 billion is expected to be invested in the energy industry’s digitization by 2020. Pakistan plays a key role in these investments. GE’s Digital Power Plant solutions for Pakistan integrate hardware, software applications with operations optimization and predictive analytics capabilities to deliver such benefits as improving thermal efficiency and enhancing plant operations.

The deployment of GE Power’s Digital Power Plant solutions will enhance the thermal efficiency of Halmore’s power plant in Bhikki, and Orient’s plant in Balloki, Punjab, by using GE’s Industrial Internet to integrate advanced data analytics with heavy machinery. The implementation of GE’s solutions will commence at Balloki later this year.

Zaheer Ahmed, Managing Director of Halmore Power Generation Company Limited, said: “We have a long-term partnership with GE, which brings advanced digital industrial solutions that enable us to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity. The new software solution is another innovative step that we are implementing at the Bhikki Power Plant to support the nation in securing reliable power supply to meet the growing need.”

Nadeem Babar, CEO of Orient Power Company, added: “We are looking at innovative technologies to strengthen the operational efficiency of the Balloki plant to meet the growing energy needs of the country. GE Power’s software solutions are ideally suited for the power plant as they bring strong predictive maintenance, which in turn will reduce the downtime of operations. The modifications in software and hardware components, using GE technology will lead to the most efficient utilization of our resources.”