/Monitoring BAGH-PTI chairman Imran Khan regretted that Kashmiris are shedding their blood for freedom from Indian yoke while our premier, instead of raising voice against the atrocities, is busy flourishing his business and ties with Indian rulers.

“I promise you we will resolve the issue of Kashmir and raise voice for the rights of Kashmiris at every forum,” Imran Khan declared while addressing a public gathering here in Bagh in the run-up to the AJK general elections in, scheduled to be held on June 26.

“Kashmiris have rendered sacrifices that no one in this subcontinent has while their brethren in the held valley are facing Indian military involved in human rights violation of every sort,” he pointed out, adding that Kashmir issue could be resolved in a peaceful manner, which would benefit the entire subcontinent and eliminate poverty.

About Panama leaks, the PTI chief said that he would not accuse but arrest the corrupt leader when comes to power.

“We will spend bulk of the funds on education and hospitals, as well as carry out mass forestation to earn revenue for the area and tackle global warming,” he said. “PTI will also rectify institutions of Azad Kashmir and build an accountability bureau that will not even spare Imran Khan, the premier or any other influential.” Aiming at rulers for their alleged corruption exposed by Panama Paper leaks, Imran said that money sent abroad has to be brought back to country.

Imran went on to say that that the premier’s model of implementing development projects and earning his own revenue while poverty witnesses an increase, is not workable.