Land Record Management & Information System (LRMIS) no doubt, is a remarkable landmark achieved by the Punjab Government. The raison de’etre of the government is to enfranchise the poor masses from the avaricious clutches of obsolete Patwar Culture.

It is true that with its proper implications most of the affectees of the traditional Patwar Culture will take a sigh of relief. But the fact is that it has not started working in all the tehsils of the province. In many districts some important or controversial revenue estates are yet to be computerised due to the litigation or the dawdling of the Patwari badshahs.

Another worth mentioning point is that many vacancies of ADLRs (Assistant Director Land Records) are lying vacant and same revenue officials are making hay under the very shinning sun. Government should fill all the vacant positions through Punjab Public Service Commission and keep a watchful eye on the new incumbents for the true implementation of this project.


Mianwali, April 7.

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