KABUL: General John Nicholson, the commander of NATO resolute support mission in Afghanistan has that with the death of Taliban leader Mullah Mansour, the Afghan peace process will gather fresh momentum as Mansour was an obstacle to the process.

He said that Mansour's death will have upsetting impacts on the Taliban insurgency.

In a unique sign of unity, the Afghan political leadership, President Ashraf Ghani and his CEO Abdullah Abdullah also took the opportunity to greet Mansour's death a game changer in efforts to bring the resurgent movement to the peace table and end the long insurgency plaguing the Afghan people.

In a trip to Northern Province of Kunduz on Monday, the top NATO military official said that Mansour was the main figure preventing the Taliban joining the peace process. However, he cautioned that Taliban would likely to make new offensives on Kunduz. He expressed confidence over the war capabilities of Afghan forces and said that Afghan forces were equipped well than past and maintain the ability to thwart any threat on Kunduz.

Few weeks ago, we were here talking to the people of Kunduz, before the enemy attempted to retake the city, we said it that time that Kunduz will not fall, Kunduz has not fallen and that is the bravery of your soldiers, your police ," general Nicholson said.

When asked about the death of Mullah, Mansour, the NATO general said that the development will be a turning point in the context of peace and reconciliation process and the war.

"This will have a disruptive effect on the enemy, review this as positive step with the governor said and the progress of war, Mullah Mansour was an obstacle to peace. He was offered the opportunity participate in the peace process," he said.

Mansour's death followed widespread reactions within the Afghan political forces and ordinary people.

Kunduz governor said that the demise of Mansour will be possessing major harms to the insurgent movement and that Taliban will be weakened after Mansour's reign.

"After this, the Taliban will not have the ability of planning major offensives, they will be eliminated by the Afghan security forces unless they join the peace process," Kunduz governor Assadullah Omarkhail said.

General Nicholson said that Mansour's death was a major achievement for the Afghan and the world.

In addition, Kunduz governor urged for cooperation of NATO forces to destroy 56 tanks which had been seized by the Taliban during the fall of Kunduz as it is major threat to Kunduz security.