MOHMAND AGENCY : Local tribesmen and activists of different political parties blocked the main road for all kind of traffic in the Ekkaghund tehsil in protest against prolonged power outages and low voltage of electricity in the area. Protesters also chanted slogans against WAPDA Ghalanai while the shopkeepers also shut down their shops as a protest. Addressing on the occasion, Nisar Momand, President ANP Mohmand Agency, Dr Farooq Afzal, President PPP Mohmand Agency, Jangriz Khan, Vice President PPP FATA and others complained that power load-shedding had made their lives miserable in this scorching heat. They said that children and women were suffering the most owing to prolonged load-shedding.

A local resident told that people of the area were forced to fetch drinking water from far-off areas due to load-shedding in the area. Nisar Momand warned if load-shedding was not ended then they will start protest demonstrations in every corner of the tribal agency. “Over 20 hours long load-shedding in 24 hours is intolerable “a tribesman said.