LAHORE   -   Central Chairman of Pakistan Hardware Merchants Association Chaudhry Sultan has said that he welcomes the government’s decision to ban the import of luxury products. This initiative is very promising to bring the local industry and trade towards better conditions. Manufacturing of quality products in Pakistan will enable employment and business in the country to gain momentum. Pakistan can provide the best quality in the industry and trade of quality foods, information technology, fruits and vegetables. Better utilization of natural and local quality resources in Pakistan will play a vital role in brightening the country’s development. The government of Pakistan should create a strong and sustainable mechanism for trade policy and bring prosperity to the country. The government should provide favorable conditions for local industry and trade to make the ban on import of luxury items profitable. For the development and prosperity of Pakistan, long-term policy formulation should be formulated in the country so that investors and industrialists can enjoy security and peace of mind. To achieve the bright destination of national prosperity, the best economic policy should be provided to the local business sector. The bright wave of collective development and prosperity in the nation will defeat the country’s crises. Local quality manufacturing should be raised in the country by strictly enforcing the ban on import of luxury items.