Islamabad - Inspector General of KPK police Moazzam Jah has timely refuted the propaganda of youtubers and foiled their attempt to make state institutions controversial and their false involvement in efforts to stop the PTI long march scheduled for 25th March 2022.

Several youtubers in their broadcast on Monday  tried to portray the impression that  certain state institutions were  involved in making phone calls to KPK police chief to prevent PTI long march.

In a  video statement released to national media , IG KPK Police chief Mozzam Jah made it clear that he neither received any phone call from Rawalpindi  nor from  central government to prevent a PTI long march.

“I did not receive any call from the PM and any other institution”, he said.

| Snubs attempt to make state institutions controversial

“KPK police would provide security in accordance with law to the march”, IGP KPK said.

Mozzam Jah said KPK police have nothing to do with any kind of politics and would act professionally.

He expressed  satisfaction with the prevailing law and order situation in the province and said police received significant progress in dealing with Law and order situation.