Imran says will resist till last breath, calls defections forced divorce

LAHORE     -    As the defections from the PTI continue un­abated, Pakistan Teh­reek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chair­man Tuesday termed the development a new phenomenon in Paki­stani politics by calling it "forced divorce". 

"We had all heard about forced marriag­es in Pakistan but for PTI a new phenomenon has emerged, forced di­vorces," Khan said in a tweet. Expressing con­cern over the develop­ment, the PTI chief ex­pressed his wonder over the alleged silence of the human rights bodies in Pakistan. “Also wondering where all the human rights orga­nizations in the country disappeared," the PTI chief said.

A day earlier, Imran Khan had sympathised with party leaders who left the party say­ing that they were "un­der pressure" to leave the PTI. He saluted all the senior party mem­bers who were resist­ing the pressure to quit the party.

In another tweet late Tues­day, Imran said, “Vice Chair­man PTI Shah Mehmood Qureshi rearrested after get­ting bail just like PTI work­ers and supporters. We are now being governed by law of the jungle, might is right and the only thing stand­ing in its way is our judicia­ry. The constitution is be­ing brazenly violated along with SC rulings. Police being used to crush PTI, our lead­ers forced to quit the party. Fundamental rights open­ly trampled upon, media to­tally muzzled, SM activists threatened. Imran Riaz is not being produced in court despite court orders. Also, our workers are cramped into small cells in this blis­tering heat while others have faced custodial torture. Giving in to this Yazeediat means the death of our na­tion and hence will resist till my last breath.”

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