LAHORE – A war between the old and new faces of PTI has begun over Lahore for intra-party polls, scheduled to be held the next month.

It has been learnt that the contestants have been flexing their muscles in the run for Lahore crown, deemed as the political castle. Some old members said on Friday that a group of non-political people, who joined the PTI after the October 30 Lahore rally, had converted the “Imran Khan’s tsunami into a cesspool by using huge funds to buy support”, compelling the middle-class office-bearers, either to ignore the intra-party polls or resign.

“A group of newcomers, led by thakedar Abdul Aleem Khan, is up to manipulate the intra-party polls in the provincial capital. Abdul Rasheed Bhatti, Sardar Kamil Umer and Sardar Arif Rasheed were Aleem Khan’s accomplices,” they claimed.

The old faces added that the PTI had two major groups one led by Javed Hashmi and the other by Shah Mehmood Qureshi, while a third group taking shape under the leadership of Muhammad Azhar.

They maintained: “The Aleem Khan camp follows Shah Mehmood Qureshi, while another group led by Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed, Zaheer Abbas Khokhar and Asghar Gujjar follows Javed Hashmi.

“The Aleem Khan camp recently made an effort to grab some bigwigs from Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed group and held a meeting with Ijaz Chaudhry believed to be close aide of Mehmoodur Rasheed and Shahid Zulfikar, another member of PTI’s old guard.

Surprisingly, Aleem and his associates also met with Mian Azhar’s son Hammad Azhar in a bid to foil senior Azhar’s efforts for creating his own group. Mian Azhar was being supported by deal tactician, Farooq Amjad Mir.

Ahsan Rasheed, former president Punjab who for sometime leading the group of Mehmood-ur-Rasheed before the arrival of Javed Hashmi also met with Aleem and his aides on Friday, however he hasn’t assured anything to Qureshi’s disciples so far.

They claimed that the party had been split into groups before the intra-party polls and the ‘Investor and Thakedar Class’ dominated to steal the party polls. The same leaders also complained that PTI chief Imran Khan had not been weighing them.