Every summit of the OIC concludes with the statement, “Any threat to security of any member state is a threat to world peace and security and requires action within the framework of the OIC”. But when it comes to action, we have not seen OIC do anything when Iraq was attacked or burning Afghanistan, currently the ongoing Israeli heinous attacks on Palestinians have not received any practical action and the role of OIC is still obscure to the Muslim world.

Muslims are being suppressed everywhere but no one cares? ‘Allah helps those who help themselves’, so who will help us if we don’t help ourselves when our Muslim brothers are attacked? Why is the Muslim Ummah still sleeping? There are 57 Islamic countries, but all of them are under the other domination of big powers. It is high time we united as Allah commanded us, “And hold the rope of Allah all together and do not be divided”. OIC should take measures to prevent any further Israel’s aggression on the innocent people of Gaza. In addition to that, international community, particularly human rights organizations, should intervene. Moreover, the UN should implement its objective to maintain peace in the world by preventing and stopping wars. “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding”. Albert Einstein


Mianwali, November 19.