CHINIOT - The Army has been called in for maintenance of the law and order in district while the police have arrested two persons for provocative wall chalking and two clerics for making provocative speeches.

The district Administration has banned the entry of 51 Ulema and Zakireen of various districts. Chiniot DCO Irshad Ahmad while exercising powers under Section 5(1)(d) of the Punjab Maintenance of Public Order 1960, banned the entry of 51 clerics including LJ Chief Malik Ishaq,  Ahmad Ludhianvi,  Sajid Naqvi, Qamar Zahoor Turrabi and others to avert any contingency during the month of Muharram. Meanwhile, ban on the speeches of another 19 clerics has been imposed in the district. The step has been taken to stop them from delivering provocative and sectarian speeches. The DCO also banned pillion riding on 9th and 10th of Moharram in the district with exception to Armed forces, Police personnel in uniform, women, children and mediamen. The City police arrested Qaisar Abbas and Amir Ali of Mohallah Qazian for provocative wall chalking and booked them under section 16 MPO and 295-A. Meanwhile, the police booked Maulana M Hussain Chinioti and Maulana Mumtaz Kalyar of Jaranwala for delivering provocative speech during a Shahdat conference at his seminary despite a ban on the entry of Mumtaz Kalyar in the district.