LAHORE - The Indus Entrepreneur (TiE) Lahore President Salim Ghauri has welcomed joint declaration of D-8 summit.

Salim has also congratulated President Asif Ali Zardari for his unanimous selection as President of D-8 for next two years. He expressed the hope that it would help promote trade and economic ties between the member states. President TiE has also appreciated the collective wisdom of the D-8 dignitaries including presidents of Iran, Indonesia, Nigeria and Pakistan, the prime minister of Turkey, vice-president of Egypt and deputy prime minister of Malaysia in creating a framework of cooperation on long term energy security, creating a level playing field for all segments of the society, scientific and technological cooperation, development of joint industrial projects and sharing of engineering and management knowledge with the D-8 centre of excellence at the forefront of the collaborative effort. Salim has also eulogized the Muslim leadership for recognizing the emerging role of Islamic banking and finance in the Muslim societies and expressed the hope that the member states would assist each other in its development as a catalyst for expansion in finance and trade activities.

He said ratification of the agreement on simplification of visa procedures for businessmen of the D-8 member states is a historic achievement of the Islamabad Declaration and it would pave the way for mutual understanding and cooperation in the days to come. Similarly, ratification of multilateral agreement on administrative assistance in customs matters and Preferential Trade Agreement would give impetus to the promotion of intra D-8 trade.

President TiE said the D-8 member states are yet facing huge challenges including food security, communal violence, terrorism and a tarnished international image which needed to be addressed through joining hands of each other. He has appreciated the positive attitude of business delegations from across the D-8 countries during the summit and sharing of knowledge with each other for mutual benefit.