ISLAMABAD  - A photo exhibition to highlight children issues and violation of their rights, organized in connection with Universal Children Day concluded here on Friday at National Arts Gallery.

The exhibition, comprising 100 photographs, reflected the role of health workers, vaccination and appropriate nutrition play in healthy development of a child. The exhibition, started on November 21, was organized by Save the Children, a non-government organization, as part of its global EVERY ONE campaign for reducing child and maternal mortality.

In Pakistan, the campaign lays emphasis on ensuring training and deployment of lady health workers to marginalized areas where there is a lack of access to health facilities to help mother-child lives, ensuring routine immunization of children to protect them against preventable diseases such as malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia and adopting nutrition strategies whereby community case management of acute malnutrition, wheat fortification and improvement of social protection schemes, to ensure that children do not suffer from the impairing effects of malnutrition. As part of its Campaign, Save the Children is calling on the federal and provincial governments to increase the number of front line health workers in the country to provide mothers with skilled support to improve child-feeding practices, including breast feeding.