PESHAWAR – Amid red alert security, the Shiite community will observe 9th Muharram in the provincial metropolis while mourning processions will be taken out from different Imambargahs in Peshawar.

The Peshawar Cantonment will be sealed for traffic and pedestrians, as barbered wires have been placed on all entry points of the Cantonment so as to block the entry of commoners. Only the Arbab Road will be open for mourners to reach Hussania Imambargah.

A big mourning procession will be taken out from the main Imambargah Hussania located at Sadar Road. The procession would be participated by hundreds of Shia Muslims. The procession will start from the Hussania Hall and would march on different roads including the Fakhr-e-Alam Road, Tipu Sultan Road and Kalabari, Fowara Chaok to culminate at the Imambargah from where it was started. The mourning procession will also be participated by men, women, children and Afghan refugees.

To cope with any untoward incident, heavy contingent of police have already been deployed in Cantonment area to keep close watch over miscreant elements. Huge contingent of security personnel will also be deputed on the roofs of the buildings adjacent to the roads, on which mourning processions will march and near the imambargahs. 

The volunteers of civil defense, scouts and the peace committee of the Cantonment will also assist the law enforcement agencies in maintaining law and order.

All the designated roads will be heavily guarded and people from other sects will not be allowed to enter the Cant area. All bazaars in the Cantonment area will be remained closed. Police high-ups are also constantly visiting the venues and routes of the procession to assess the security situation.

Before taking out the mourning procession, the Shia scholars will also highlight the incident of Karbala. On Saturday, Muharram would be observed in Peshawar Cantt while on Sunday Taazia and Zuljinnah processions will be brought out from Imambagahs in the city.

The main procession would be taken out from Imambagah Kocha Agha Syed Ali Shah at Chari Koban. The mourning processions will also be taken out from other Imambargahs including Haji Rehman Malik at Mohallah Marvi, Kohati Gate, Imambargah of Tehkhana Gulbacha Jee, Imambargah Haider Shah near Jehangirpura and Imambargah Agha Syed Mir Fazal Shah at Mohallah Khudadad at Qissakhwani Bazaar.