ISLAMABAD - Weekly inflation recorded minor decrease of 0.07 per cent during the week ended on Thursday as against its preceding week due to decline in prices of basic food commodities.

According to the figures of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) which were released on Friday, the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) based inflation increased by 6.48 per cent during the week ended on November 22 compared to the same period of last year. However, inflation showed minor decline of 0.07 per cent on weekly basis. The SPI monitors prices of 53 items based on the survey of 17 cities and 53 markets. According to the PBS figures, prices of 15 items registered increase, 14 items recorded decrease and 24 items remained unchanged during the week ended on Thursday.

Average price of tomatoes rose to Rs 40.24 per kg during the week ended on November 22 from Rs 39.43. Petrol price also registered an increase of Rs 1.33 per litre and reached Rs 103.78 per litre during last week from Rs 102.45 per litre of its preceding week.

Average price of per dozen eggs enhanced to Rs 113 during the period under review from Rs 112 of its preceding period. Price of LPG (11kg cylinder) surged to Rs 1541 during the week ended on Thursday as compared to Rs 1536. Price of 10kg wheat went up to Rs 295 from Rs 294.

Meanwhile, prices of per kg price of potatoes recorded minor increase and reached Rs 31. Per kg price of vegetable ghee (loose) was recorded at Rs 161. 

The PBS data further revealed that price of per kg onions decreased to Rs32 during last week from Rs 43 of the preceding week. Diesel price reduced to Rs 110.86 per litre from Rs 114.49 per litre. Price of bananas went down to Rs 53 from Rs 54.65. Price of kerosene oil declined to Rs 118.02 per litre from Rs 120.24 per litre.

 Price of per kg chicken came down to Rs 128 from Rs 130. Price of per kg garlic showed decrease of Re 1 and was recorded at Rs 118 per kg. Per kg price of red chillies (powdered) decreased to Rs 264 from Rs 266. Price of moong pulse (washed), mash pulse (washed), gram pulse (washed), sugar and wheat flour bag also registered decline in the period under review.

However, prices of rice (irri-6) did not record any change and remained Rs 49.39 per kg, price of break plain remained at Rs 33.43, beef at Rs 268 per kg, powdered milk price remained unchanged at Rs 290, mustard oil price was recorded at Rs 186 per kg, cooking oil price remained unchanged at Rs 531 per tin. Similarly, prices of salt, tea, vegetable ghee, and others did not register any change and remained unchanged in the period under review.