Kolahoo is a village close to Turbat town. It is also a place where college students are disadvantaged in first-class education, even though its people are so keen on gaining schooling. Unluckily, they are being disregarded by the authorities of Balochistan.

The boy’s faculty of Kolahoo is amongst those areas of the region which lacks basic wants and facilities. The schools are struggling due to a scarcity of classrooms, water, chairs, and electricity. For this reason, college students are forced to study beneath the bushes and underneath the shadow of the mountain which is now not possible for them in this twenty-first century.

Education is a vital aspect of the country’s development and indicates a vivid future for that country or society. However, in Balochistan, there are some rural areas where there is no college for kids who are disadvantaged in the basic facilities. The ghost teachers and schools are also placing the students’ lives in hot water.

Therefore, I request the authorities involved to grant opportunities and resources to Kolahoo’s colleges to guard the future of each toddler who is the backbone of our society.