The next generation living across the world is in for a surprise. The world’s resources are near depletion and the atmosphere is becoming a challenge to survive in. The world of the 1900s has been radically changed into a dystopian horror narrative as we prepare to enter 2023. With the advent of the first industrial revolution to the fifth version of the same on the verge of beginning, the world has changed beyond imagination. The humans have moved from standing in awe as they saw the Wright Brothers fly the airplane in 1903 to working in the metaverse by interacting with digital avatars while sitting in the comforts of their homes and offices. We have transformed from cavemen to innovators; from explorers to inventors.

We live in a fast-moving competitive world that is changing as we speak. Several jobs no longer exist including linotype operator, knocker-upper (those who woke up people), town crier, and bematist (someone who calculated distance).

We are indeed living in tumultuous times where information is readily available at our fingertips. The challenge is to turn the information into actionable points so it can be turned into wisdom. This is possible when students are facilitated to learn rather than compelled to memorise. Students must understand the concepts and practices of the corporate world to analyse how to adapt to the changing times.

Imagine a world where students become teachers. We are living in such an unprecedented era. The youth are often seen sharing words of wisdom and information with their elders. They gather information from the internet and research more about it. They discuss with peers and contemplate the lives ahead. Perhaps this could lead to a level playing field where the students and teachers help each other and find meaning and purpose in their lives.

The era ahead of us will be of the doers—those who think, plan and act to pursue their goals. The world will belong to those who find a purpose in life, gather information on how to fulfil their goals, and deliberate upon the strategies to achieve them. People today are more aware of how to manage the phases of trial and error and experimentation. With time, such challenges have been reduced by the wonders of modern technology. We can create 3D models of the objects we need to create in full form ranging from the computer mouse to skyscrapers, from pens to airplanes.

The world is changing at such a rapid pace that the jobs we think to be exclusive for today’s era will not exist in the future. These include cashiers, newspaper delivery, travel agent, social media expert, and telemarketers among others.

The future is not arriving, it is now—we are living in it. Imagine a world where self-driving cars were an impossibility or online applications helping us through the day were a distant dream. Such inventions and innovations are a part of our lives. We need to adapt to changing times and make the best of the present resources.