RAWALPINDI    -   Shopkeepers, business commu­nity, commuters and residents of Adiala Road are facing huge in­convenience as road carpeting has not been done despite passage of many months.

A couple of months back, for­mer federal minister on Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan and Depu­ty Speaker Punjab Assembly Wa­siq Qayyum Abbasi, both PTI lead­ers, had announced allocation of millions of rupees as fund for the carpeting of dilapidated Adiala Road. The contractor has also be­gun digging of road and off load­ed the crush, sand and other ma­terial. However, renovation work has been stopped due to reasons best known to contractor and the PTI leaders.

“We are not finding any con­struction activity on the site. Dust and mud in case of rain is disturb­ing us a lot. We are sick,” said Ash­faq Khan, a shopkeeper in Keh­kashan Colony, said while talking to The Nation on Wednesday.

He said that Adiala Road is a ma­jor thoroughfare of the district connecting many areas to GT Road and Motorway but it is in sham­bles. “Thousands of vehicles move on the broken road round the clock and often get stuck in gigan­tic traffic jam,” he said.

Many other traders and shop­keepers also said they are facing lower sales owing to delay in com­pletion of the project by the minis­ters of PTI government.

“We were relieved when the road was constructed some time back and it turned out short-lived as civic bodies started construc­tion of the drain. Now the road has been left unpaved as a result and we are inhaling dust,” said Asher Ahmed, a hotel owner. He said a little rain in city turns Adiala Road into swimming pool adding that the government is not taking any notice of the delay.

Zameer Haider, a transport­er, said that like many other vehi­cle owners he is also facing a huge loss due to broken road. “I have to visit mechanic workshop twice in a month to get my vehicle re­paired,” he said. 

Talking to this correspon­dent, Rukhsana Bibi, Iram Abba­si, Ayesha Khan, Sumaira Ameen and Zofishan Ahmed of Sanjoli Es­tate said people are suffering from asthma and skin allergy due to the dust. The administration should sprinkle water on the road till its construction, they demanded. They also demanded earlier com­pletion of Adiala Road. 

District government high-ups and the leaders of PTI were not available for their comments over the issue.