ISLAMABAD        -         The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) yesterday reserved its judgement in the case of violation of the code of conduct during the NA-45 by-election by PTI chief Imran Khan and leader Iqbal Wazir. The PTI chairman in October last had won the National Assembly constituency NA-45 Kurram, with a significant margin against his rival, JUI-F’s Jamil Khan, who was backed by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). The PTI chief bagged 20,748 votes as per the unofficial results while Jamil managed to secure 12,718. This is a triumphant victory with a difference of 8,300 votes. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja, in the proceedings, remarked that ‘the candidate is impacted if anyone violates the code’. The special secretary observed that government vehicles have been used in this case. “how they [PTI] can say that government resources have not been used,” it was said. The official said Imran Khan has committed violations before as well.