QUETTA    -   Balochiatan Irrigation Min­ister Haji Muhammad Khan Lahri here on Wednesday said that wheat was cultivat­ed on about 0.5 million acres of land in Naseerabad, but only 20,000 bags of wheat seeds were being provided by the Agriculture Depart­ment to compensate for the flood damage which was less than the production require­ment of a union council.

Due to rains and floods this year, the biggest disas­ter in Balochistan happened in Naseerabad division, so the amount of damages should be kept in the same proportion, he said while speaking at parliamentary committee meeting. 

Haji Muhammad Khan La­hri said that due to the heavy rains that occurred from 19 to 26 August, all the moun­tainous areas and six rivers of the province, Nadi, Tali, Goghi, Bolan Skelji were flooded and 600,000 cusecs of flood water from Moula river hit Naseerabad, due to which the Pat Feeder was cracked outside. 

However, the Irrigation Department took emer­gency measures and saved the rice crop grown on 75 percent of the agricultural land, including the division headquarters, Dera Murad Jamali, from flooding, while most of the cracks in the Pat Feeder canal were repaired within twenty days, he said and added that the delivery of agricultural water had been started by filling and now there was no problem of agricultural water in the Pat feeder.