Imran Khan has launched the plantation of the mission of “Clean Green Pakistan” on Saturday at Islamabad College for girls. He said the drive of pollution and the climate changes would be stopped by the plantations of trees, his mission will be completed after making the Pakistan more cleaner and greener than other Europeans. After launching the first plant at the college, he picked up a garbage and threw it in a garbage box, before washing the hands he described that from this college the all Pakistan will get free from garbages and climate changes will not be happened.  

The rising of pollution is Pakistan because of lack trees. The increasing of population left nowhere to not be covered, and to not trees be reaped by cruel people. Khan has requested to each people to keep suggesting the youths and children about the benefits of the cleanliness and greening of the country.  

Khan Sahib added that beside cleanliness, enhancement of the green cover was equally essential as Pakistan was the 7th most effected country for global warming, this can be decreased by planting as much trees as a person can, because trees take CO2 and give Oxygen for our need of breathing. At the end, all people of Pakistan are requested from Prime Minister Imran Khan side for planting trees in each houses. 


Gidroshia, October 14.