The shameful videos of aged professors of Punjab University, some of them so old that they could not walk without aid of sticks, being brought to court handcuffed is detestable. It makes you feel sick and sad to think the moral degradation which inflicts many holding offices and their fascist mindset. Should DG NAB Lahore and others responsible be considered suitable to hold such prominent offices? 

Pakistan is certainly not a fascist state, nor will the people of Pakistan accept such sickening mindsets. These senior professors may have committed some mistakes but they are innocent till proven guilty. However the alleged crime they may have been accused of committing was certainly far lesser and heinous than that which Rao Anwar was accused of, or allegations leveled against Anwar Majeed or Ahad Cheema or Fawad Hassan Fawad etc. 

What was the purpose of this sinister action, other than perhaps to strike fear? This act depicts moral degradation to which many within paid bureaucracy, law enforcement etc has fallen to. The DG NAB publicly humiliated professors of Punjab University and only when he faced a tough situation, he offered an apology within confines of Supreme Court of Pakistan. People like him should be sent for psychiatric reevaluation and undergo treatment but must never be allowed to hold such positions of authority where they can humiliate senior professors allegedly accused of administrative irregularities. 


Lahore, October 13.