There seems to be something seriously wrong with NAB Lahore and the uncivil manner in which they dealt with senior professors from Punjab University. It reflects upon mindset and value system of those who have been placed at helm in what was supposed to be an independent accountability organization, totally apolitical, dealing with individuals in a uniform manner, showing no bias or favor to anybody. Putting handcuffs on senior citizens who have worked as professors reflects upon individuals who allowed them to be humiliated, instead of being given due courtesy and respect that they deserved. It was the same NAB Lahore which has been seen giving protocol to corrupt bureaucrats like Ahad Cheema, Fuad Hassan Fuad etc who are accused of embezzling billions although concrete evidence exists as claimed by prosecutors.

Now comes reports quoting wife of former CM Punjab, that her husband Shahbaz has not been given proper accommodation, without adequate ventilation and too many mosquitoes etc, although he is still under investigation by NAB and no formal charges leveled against him. Even the fact that he is a cancer patient does not seem to make any difference.

It is time that proper professional independent organization be put in place, instead of this controversial body which has as yet yielded no positive results to act as a deterrent. There was a time that Anti Accountability Cell existed within police and FIA. Unfortunately those entrusted started taking bribes and weak friendly prosecution made process ineffective. Instead of reforming system, the present NAB was set up where bribes taken by corrupt investigators were regularized as incentive bonus payment and instead of punishing criminals it became a laundromat giving them clean bill of health through plea bargains. No wonder NAB has become so controversial and ever since its inception corruption has increased.


Peshawar, October 14.