ISLAMABAD   -    China Power Hub Generation Company has donated 100 waterproof tents and 100 ration bags with ready-to-cook food to the local administration of Hub town for the floods victims.

The package is an aid for the people of Balochistan who are suffering the calamitous consequences

of unusually heavy monsoon rains that  devastated the local communities.Each ration bag included 10Kgs of flour, ghee, sugar, rice, lentils  and tea, said a statement issued by the CPHGC here.

The donation was handed over by a CPHGC delegation to Assistant Commissioner Hub Syed

Samiullah at his office, the company said. Following the distribution, CPHGC CEO, Ren Lihui said: “In this time of need, CPHGC has stepped forward to assist the local administration in its ongoing relief

operations in order to ensure provision of better  facilities are provided to the people in need. As part of CPHGC’s CSR  initiatives, we have been at the forefront of working with the local administration during times of crises and providing relief to the people of Balochistan.” CPHGC’s active CSR programme has contributed to a number of sustainable  CSR initiatives. These include the Floating Fishermen Jetty

at Allana Goth; solar water pumps in Chaghi, the Clean Hub City programme; training of local

students and provided them with employment  at the Plant, providing relief supplies during times of  ovid.