ISLAMABAD    -   Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf is likely to hold a meeting with the parliamentary leaders of the government’s allied partners to discuss proceedings of the upcoming joint session of the Parliament. The joint session of the Parliament is currently pending, as the President has yet to convey the National Assembly Secretariat about his participation to address the session. The parliamentary ruling clique will decide either to start a new parliamentary year without address of the President or wait for the reply from the Presidency, background discussions with senior parliamentary members revealed. The Parliament has a number of precedents in the past, when the Presidents had not respected the provision of the constitution. The constitutional provision of Article 226 [Clause 3] binds the President to address joint session of the Parliament at the beginning of the new parliamentary year. The President, according to provision of constitution and parliamentary tradition, addresses joint sitting of the Parliament and shares future roadmap, mistakes of the present government in outgoing year with his other suggestions.