ISLAMABAD     -    Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has reiterated his claim that ‘thieves’ have taken over the country and they are now getting relief in corruption cases under what he termed NRO-II. Addressing the first-ever female students convention in Islamabad on Friday, the former prime minister said that he was not doing politics but waging ‘jihad’ to achieve the ‘real freedom’ for the country’s better future. Referring to the amendments to the NAB law, Imran said societies are destroyed without the rule of law. “Thieves have taken over the country. Every day their cases are being shut,” he remarked. Imran further said that the poor should be released from jails if powerful cannot be brought under the law. “What is the fault of the poor? The likes of Zardaris and Sharifs are sitting everywhere in poor countries where there is no rule of law,” he added. Separately, he also chaired a meeting of PTI’s senators here wherein he expressed concerns over the NAB amendments. He came down hard on the cabal of crooks who he said were busy in covering their corruption amounting to billions of rupees and spending the national wealth lavishly on foreign trips amid the floods catastrophe that wreaked havoc across the country. The PTI Chairman said that it was a serious and criminal joke to the country and its people to give NRO-2 to the criminals and thieves who ruthlessly and mercilessly plundered the national kitty. He also expressed concern over the unabated heinous violations of human rights in the country, undue curbs and restrictions on the media and political victimization against political opponents, especially the raid at the residence of Senator Saifullah Khan Niazi. The participants also held detailed discussion on the country’s overall political situation and the economic meltdown, besides expressing serious concern over the planned NRO-2 to give relief to thieves and the most corrupt characters of the country by NAB laws tweak. During the meeting, they discussed the future strategy of the PTI parliamentary party in the upper house and reviewed the luxury expenses of ‘crime minister’ and the ministers on their foreign trips when the country was reeling under the worst floods of the history of the country, wreaking havoc in the country. Speaking on the occasion, Imran Khan said that it was really shameful to let the thieves waive off their whooping Rs 1100 billion corruption, which was their sole motive to seize power.