NDMA alerts depts amid flood warning in River Sutlej

Asks centre, provinces to ensure proper preparedness

ISLAMABAD    -     The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Friday issued an alert to the federal and provincial departments to ensure proper preparedness and disaster management measures following the Flood Forecasting Division (FFD) forecast of heavy thunderstorm and rain in the catchment areas of River Sutlej. The FFD in its forecast has informed that there were chances of scattered wind, thunderstorm and rain of moderate intensity with isolated heavy to very heavy falls expected over the upper catchment of River Sutlej. The NMDA advisory underlined that the provincial disaster management authorities (PDMAs), Irrigation Departments, Respective District Administrations and DDMAs, Municipal and City Administrations were advised to ensure following measures. It advised to maintain enhanced alert level and monitoring of developing situation to reduce reaction and response times. However, all civic agencies and rescue services (Rescue 1122 / Fire Brigade / Ambulance / Civil Defense) to remain alert and ensure availability of personnel and equipment in at-risk areas during the forecast period. The people living along the banks of River Sutlej and in vicinity of nullahs to be sensitized about expected increase of water flows. Moreover, timely evacuation of at-risk population from low-lying and flood prone areas as per Evacuation Plans and ensure availability of shelters, food and medicines in those shelter camps. The locals, farmers and cattle herders should be forewarned to shift cattle away from low lying areas adjacent to Rivers Indus and in vicinity of rivers. It also underscored to restrict vehicle movement in low lying and at-risk location, in the vicinity of rivers and nullahs. The provision of relief and medical supplies to affected people in timely manner should be ensured by the quarters concerned whereas they should also coordinate with concerned departments for clearance of roads in case of any blockage or obstruction, waterlogging and preplacing of necessary emergency equipment at vulnerable and appropriate locations.

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