Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has exhorted the world leaders to stand together and raise resources to build climate-resilient infrastructure and adaptation in order to save future generations. 

In an interview with Associated Press, he said the flooding has submerged one-third of Pakistan's territory and left thirty-three million of its people scrambling to survive. He said that he came to the UN this year to tell the world that tomorrow this tragedy can fall on some other country.

The Prime Minister said that the initial estimate of losses to the economy as a result of the three-month flooding disaster is thirty billion dollars. He said the UN Secretary-General has agreed to his suggestion of holding a donor conference for the flood victims.

Alluding to the destruction wreaked by the flooding to critical infrastructures such as roads and railways, the Prime Minister said all this requires funds. He said we need funds to provide a livelihood to our people.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan has a very robust and transparent mechanism already in place to ensure that all aid items are delivered to people in need. In addition, he said, he will ensure third-party audit of every penny through international well-reputed companies.

Shehbaz Sharif said he met top officials from the International Monetary Fund and World Bank and appealed for a moratorium on loan repayments and deferment of other conditions until the flood situation improves. He said they sounded very supportive but stressed that a delay can spell huge consequences both for the economy and the Pakistani people.

Responding to a question, the Prime Minister said Pakistan would like to live like a peaceful neighbor with India. He however said India has to understand that unless and until the burning issue of Kashmir is resolved through peaceful talks with the sincerity of purpose, we will not be able to live in peace.

As regards relations with the United States, Shehbaz Sharif said his government wants good and warm relations with it and wants to work with Biden to remove any kind of misunderstanding and confusion.

He said what the previous government did was most uncalled for and detrimental to Pakistan’s sovereign interests.