Imran Amin, CEO of the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA), has stated that registered RUDA land dealers will be given preference in any projects to be established in Ravi city.

Their partnership will be taken forward in every development that will take place in the future.

Everyone has faced difficulties in the large projects that has been started in Pakistan. Lahore is growing without anyplanning, which might be quite harmful. Imran Amin made these remarks while speaking at a local hotel's RUDA Land Dealer event.

On this occasion Kashif Qureshi Executive Director Commercial, Ahmed Salman Director Marketing, Fardan Khalid Director, Land Dealer Asad Ansari, Qaiser Bhatti, Sheikh Abdul Waheed, Sheikh Salman and many other agents were also present.

During his address Imran Amin said that we have sold the plots in the first phase of our Chahar Bagh initiative, now the apartments will be sold,  giving land dealers greater opportunity to grow their business.

Investors will find the project's 40% green cover to be particularly compelling. The American real estate firm Remix's registration here will boost the land business, and the land dealer will significantly profit from their business partnership.

He said that no project of RUDA would involve loans; rather, we would encourage investment in the projects of Ravi City, which would be profitable to both domestic and foreign investors whereas initiatives financed by taking loans would fail due to currency depreciation.

“InshAllah we will keep our word and finish the infrastructure in Chahar Bagh in 18 months as promised,” he added.

While addressing the event, Kashif Qureshi Executive Director RUDA said that in Ravi city, we want to complete our Chahar Bagh project as soon as possible, for which the land agents have to work hard.

At the end of the ceremony, Land Dealer RUDA expressed his gratitude to CEO RUDA for organizing the awareness campaign event.