Shah Nawaz Amir, who killed his wife Sara Bibi by hitting her on the head with a dumbbell, has claimed that he killed her in self-defence claiming she choked him, ARY News reported. 

According to police sources, Shah Nawaz Amir has claimed that he suspected his wife was an agent. Sara choked him with intent to kill, Shah Nawaz claimed in police custody.

He added that Sara fell to the ground after he pushed her away, however she got up again and tried to attack him, at that time he hit her in the head with an exercise dumbbell.

She lost a lot of blood and he put her in the bathtub in his bathroom, he said. He told his mother about the incident after which she informed the police, and he said in police custody.

However, the court approved a two-day physical remand of Shah Nawaz Amir for murdering his wife Sara. While the police’s application to issue arrest warrants for Shah Nawaz Amir’s parents, including Ayaz Amir, was rejected by the court.

According to details, the resident of the Farm 46 Chak Shehzad area of Islamabad killed his wife with a hard blow on her head. The accused has been identified as Shah Nawaz.

The Candian-born deceased Sara Bibi was Shah Nawaz’s third wife, the police told.