UNDP mission visits Chitral to identify post-flood recovery needs

PESHAWAR    -    A UNDP mission led by Resident Representative Knut Ostby visited Chitral to meet the flood-affected community and to identify recovery and reconstruction needs. This year, Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOF) incidents compounded with torrential monsoon rainfall increased the water levels in the rivers, causing hill torrents and flash flooding—putting the communities downstream at high risk, according to a statement issued here. Damages were incurred not only to houses, infrastructure, and livestock but precious human lives were also lost. Flood damage assessment is still underway

by the disaster management authorities as accessibility remains limited and a huge issue in many areas.

Ostby met with affected families and community representatives from Reshun, Arkari, and Madaklasht valleys of Upper Chitral to understand their recovery needs. Ostby also distributed Rescue and Relief equipment amongst the Hazard Watch Groups (HWG), established by the GLOF-II project of the overnment of Pakistan and UNDP.

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