Woman empowerment propels prosperity

Women’s empowerment has always been a contentious topic in developing nations like Pakistan because of the complicated cultural and socio-demographic environment. Women are considered subordinate to men in the country and are made confined to houses for the nourishment of family members. It is really an irony to see women restricted around four walls without emancipation to relish their fundamental rights. The fact can’t be denied that women are the source of the development of nations and change in societies. They contribute significantly to improving the socio-politico and economic conditions of the country. Social change occurs when the social structure of society is rejuvenated and reformed. The archaic and traditional mentality is metaphored into the modern mindset.  That same mentality is still prevailing in the interior Sindh and Southern Punjab where women are suppressed and raptured by the prevailing patriarchal mentality. In these areas, women are unaware of their basic rights such as political, social and economic. They even don’t know the value of vote because of lacking education regarding the political system. There is a need for education among women to make them aware of their rights. 

These movements lead to change in the mechanism within the social structure:- empowering women with basic rights allowed by the constitution of Pakistan like participation in the political arena and access to education and so on. Women empowerment will ensure the growth of Pakistan’s GDP. It is reported by IMF that with the contribution of women, Pakistan’s GDP will increase by one-third which is really missive. So it is time to allow women, to participate in the development of Pakistan from all aspects, socially, politically and economically to ensure the prosperity of the country. This patriarchal mentality needs to stop here for the better future of Pakistan.



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