Network of financial facilitators of banned TTP busted

ISLAMABAD   -  Pakistani security and intelligence agencies have achieved another breakthrough to dismantle the network of financial facilitators of banned Tahreek-e-Taliban in Pakistan which used to ex­tort money for TTP. Those who have been arrest­ed made shocking revelations about the methods which they used to extort money on behalf of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Pakistan.

Security agencies arrested these criminals on the basis of a tip and interrogated them during which arrested criminals disclosed important details about various tricks used by them to collect extor­tion from businessmen and resourceful citizens by giving them threats of kidnapping or killing.

Credible sources said these exhortation net­works were active in collecting extortion for TTP for many years in Pakistan. The collected extortion money used to used for funding terror activities and purchasing of weapons and ammu­nition in Afghanistan.

During investigations these criminals also re­vealed the presence of TTP commanders in Af­ghanistan and shared information about their planning and communication with their Pakistan facilitators. One of the facilitators told the inves­tigations that a top TTP commander Abdul Raziq, in Afghanistan used to give them orders using WhatsApp. A suspect alleged that the TTP lead­er would call people in and demand extortion in exchange for pictures and recordings of their homes and businesses in Pakistan.

He stated that the TTP leader had a history of threatening to kill or kidnap the victims if he re­ceived no cash or refused to give money.

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