Nuclear security

I was really hurt by your editorial 'Good fortune' regarding the accident that took place in a nuclear facility in Khushab. The incident was a mere accident and should have been reported as such instead of pointing finger at the security of our nuclear facilities and that too at a time when IAEA and western world are trying to find excuses to enter our nuclear sites. Western media often says that our nuclear sites are unsafe and there is a danger of terrorists getting hold of our nuclear weapons. That is too far-fetched. My grouse with you is that reporting the matter in such alarming tone by our own media will definitely fan suspicions and divert IAEA's attention towards Pakistan and its nuclear programme. We should understand that to err is human and where humans are involved, accidents are bound to happen. This does not mean that we should start saying that the security of our nuclear complexes does not match the safety requirements set by IAEA. -KHALID AMIR KHAN GANDAPUR, D.I. Khan, via e-mail, April 10.

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