Imam-e-Kaaba graces Bahria Town mosque

LAHORE - Imam-e-Kaaba Sheikh Khalid al-Ghamidi has said Islam doesn’t permit terrorism and extremism.
“Islam guarantees rights to minorities and Muslim states must treat non-Muslims affectionately,” he said whiling delivering Juma sermon at the Grand Masjid in Bahria Town Friday. Thousands of people offered the prayers, led by the Imam. Security was augmented around the area to avert any untoward incident.
The Imam said Islam should be the guideline to discharge our political and economic affairs. He said Islam preaches forgiveness, compassion and patience and no room exists for religion bigotry and hate. He said terrorism and oppression are forbidden in Islam but some people are using the path of violence to present a distorted image of this religion to the world. Islam does not permit jealousy against each other either. Anti-Islam forces, he said, are presenting Islam as a religion of violence and hate which was untrue. He said Islam is a religion of blessing and tolerance that lays stress on adopting high moral values and kindness to others. The Imam said that truthfulness and compassion are the virtues of a Muslim. He said we Muslims should also take stock of our situation to reform ourselves.
He laid stress on protecting rights of the minorities in the Muslim states and said, coercion is not permissible in Islam while government in Muslim countries must ensure that rights of minorities are respected and they are not meted out injustices.
He said the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is a role model for the Ummah. He called for following the Islamic teachings to lead a successful life.

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