625 felons held during last two months

islamabad-Islamabad police have arrested 322 persons for their involvement in illicit activities and 303 drug pushers during the last two months, a police spokesman said on Tuesday.

Following directions of Inspector General of Police Islamabad, Dr Sultan Azam Temuri, all police officials launched a crackdown against drug-pushers, wine-sellers and those involved in illicit activities so that the society could be purged of the evils. During the last two months, Islamabad police arrested 168 females, 153 males for their involvement in illicit activities while 303 persons were held for involvement in drug pushing activities. A total of 137184 gram hashish, 17346 gram heroin, 2500 gram opium, 10 tranquilizing pills and 719 gram ice was recovered from them. The police also arrested 220 bootleggers and recovered 13257 wine bottles from them. A crackdown was launched against those involved in running Sheesha Centres and 119 persons were held besides the registration of 44 cases against them. The IGP has lauded the performance of the police and directed them to continue the campaign.

Meanwhile, the police hosted a farewell for its 59 policemen retiring from service. The high ups appreciated their efforts for dedicating their lives for the comfort of others as well as maintaining peace in the society. The retiring policemen include one Deputy Superintendent of Police, 10 Inspectors, nine Sub-Inspectors, eight Head Constables and 31 Constables.

They thanked the Inspector General of Police Islamabad Dr Sultan Azam Temuri for hosting the farewell in their honour. The IGP said that he is proud of them as they dedicated their lives for the welfare of others after joining the police service and gave priority to serve the people by even keeping aside their family commitments.

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