AI concerns

The new government faces diverse challenges, among which is the issue of the negative use of artificial intelligence. Pakistan’s education system is ailing, and the presence of ChatGPT may increase the risk of its unethical use.

Pakistan ranked 117th out of 133 countries in the Global Knowledge Index 2023. This indicates backwardness in education standards, which may result in the depletion of human resources in the long run. The presence of ChatGPT may increase the threat of plagiarism, creating a detrimental impact on the quality of literature being produced.

Students should be introduced to courses on using artificial intelligence in an ethical manner. It should be utilised for learning purposes and not for writing assignments and academic papers.

The government, therefore, ought to solicit insights from experts to address this emerging concern. It should encourage universities to strengthen regulations against plagiarism and implement strict penalties for individuals engaging in unethical practices. With Pakistan’s sizable youth population, it falls upon the authorities to nurture it into a productive human capital capable of fostering the nation’s advancement.



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