Pakistan dismisses 'unfair' US human rights report

 Pakistan has categorically rejected the 2023 Country Report on Human Rights released by the US State Department.

In a statement on Thursday, the Foreign Office said the contents of the report were unfair, based on inaccurate information, and were completely divorced from ground reality.

It said the report lacked objectivity and politicised the international human rights agenda, clearly demonstrating double standards.

The FO expressed concern that the US State Department's report highlighted human rights situations around the world, but ignored the gross human rights violations in Gaza and Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

The statement said “if the US must engage in this exercise, then we expect the US State Department to at least demonstrate objectivity, impartiality, and responsibility in conducting assessments of complex issues”.

The statement also emphasised that the State Department's report should demonstrate the requisite moral courage to speak the truth about all situations and play a constructive role in bringing an end to atrocities in the most urgent hotspots of gross human rights violations.

The Foreign Office reiterated Pakistan's commitment to strengthen its own human rights framework, promote the international human rights agenda and uphold fairness and objectivity in the international human rights discourse.

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