Imran says ‘definitely hold march’ towards Waziristan

Expressing determination over his struggle against drone attacks, Imran Khan has says his party has no doubts in holding long march towards Waziristan. While addressing a press conference at Marri, he said that military operation should be launched in consultation with masses who are real actors of the state. Operation in North Waziristan may be succeeded with the cooperation of masses, he added. He said that the government had come to power in order to follow the US agenda; that is why she is not raising voice to halt drone attacks particularly in Northern areas. We are expecting over 1, 00,000 participants in the march and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is fully determined to hold march, he said. “We just have to determine dates to hold march and today’s meeting with tribal delegations is a step for it,” he further added. Without referring North or South Waziristan, Khan informed that detailed route and logistic plan was underway for the march. “The tribesmen will themselves arrange security for the participants,” he further said and added that no other party could dare to go to the area. Throwing light on drone issues, he said hat drone attacks are clear-cut violation of the national sovereignty but regrettable to come to know that the US is killing innocent people with the permission of the government of Pakistan. Quoting special references from world famous historians, politicians and journalist, he said that the UN has declared drone attacks as violation of the international law but it is the government of Pakistan which is showing unscrupulousness in this regard. Replying a question pertaining to security issue, he said that tribal people would arrange for special arrangements in this regard. He said that no other political party dares to take such revolutionary actions to highlight the drone issue. He said that foreign journalists would also accompany with the PTI caravan leading to northern areas to raise the issue on international level; so that US barbarism may be stopped to keep law and order in northern areas.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt