Changa Manga to Sanjran Gate

It took just over 12 months for a political party to move from its proclaimed objective of Tabdeeli to complete the full voyage from Changa Manga to Sanjran Gate on 14 horses available for trade and then proclaimed it as a victory of the voice of conscience. One wonder why conscience of such individuals remains in hibernation only to wake up at the behest of powerful stakeholders who have no qualms to violate their constitutional oath, indulge in political engineering and make a mockery of Quaid e Azam’s address to Staff College Quetta in 1948.

While at this subject what did these Opposition Parties expect from men they chose to nominate in Senate. Garbage in Garbage out applies not just to computer programming but also to political programming. From their involvement in illegal forced land occupation to Benami transactions, smuggling, drug trade and all that is considered illegal and immoral, this seems to be what is in store for hypocrisy. The British Raj where we were ruled by White Man to serve his national interest has been replaced by Brown Man.

Freedom comes at a cost and when politics is devoid of ethics and morality than it just becomes a trade, where men, women, honor, and loyalties are exchanged for monetary benefits.



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