A man’s life is full of ups and downs. Man has to face unexpected situations. Sometimes, he succeeds in his aims. He may also fail to materialize his dreams into reality. A man should not stop his struggle towards his destination because hard work is a key to success in any field of life. Tenacity should not be put stop to under any circumstances. There is no need to lose heart in every thick and thin. It is against the dignity of man to lose hope on the tough path of life. Apprenticeship and lethargy are two sides of the same coin. Apprenticeship influences life and lethargy influences apprenticeship.  Apprenticeship breathes fervor in human presence. It appeals to individual senses & feelings concretely.  There exists not a single sphere of life that is neglected by apprenticeship. It tackles ravishing lessons from history and connects past to present and present to future. It smoothens the way for any change in human society, by bringing awareness and highlighting the positives of that change.

Apprenticeship creates a way to lay a foundation for new ideas and its great arsenal of culture. Every nation has a culture of its own along with some peculiar problems those problems are reflected by the culture of the time. Apprenticeship projects light on these problems and present solutions in a passionate manner. Thus, the culture of civilization is embodied in the form of apprenticeship. It reforms life and tells man what life is and what it should be and enlighten him to distinguish between right and wrong. By broadening the thinking of man, it enables man to know the importance of internal beauty because it is responsible for the intellectual growth of society that helps in building public opinion.

Adversity makes man bold and determined in life. Life is the sum of good and bad experiences. Those who are always ready to face difficult situations succeed in getting whatever they desire to get in life. Every sunrise brings new challenges for man in the world. However, what man needs is iron will and persistent efforts to get through them. When a person passes through odds in life positively, he learns various lessons which help him lead a successful and satisfying life. It is rightly remarked in this respect, ”Uneven roads make skilled drivers’’. Lethargy people lose heart when they face a difficult time. They lose courage and self-confidence. Latent Lethargy can be overthrown through patience and preservation.