What we are witnessing is the mindless pursuit and turf war, driven by insatiable greed for power, in which only Pakistan and its 225 million, who live here, stand to lose. The imminent economic collapse that Pakistan is facing is end result of almost over 25 years of abuse and mismanagement by those at helm. We select pliant men of mediocre intellect and capability, unable to handle the country’s economy. We live in a country where almost 65% of the industry is owned by cartels and foundations, exempted from taxation, enjoying endless subsidies and waivers and a federal budget which relies on foreign loans, instead of revenues, with imports exceeding exports and massive institutionalized tax evasion.

Even the imminence of default and bankruptcy does not seem to deter the political elite and establishment to wake-up. Whilst people living in utter despair and poverty are being asked to tighten their belts, the elite living on tax payer’s money continues to lead a luxurious lifestyle, importing expensive SUVs, executive jets and helicopters etc. For many decades, starting from 1958 onwards, the choice of financial mercenaries on payroll of international financial institutions to frame our economic policies is now paying its dividends. After WW11, the new colonialists, rely on financial control, rather than physical occupation. The natives who serve their foreign masters, are rehabilitated with foreign passports.

There must be a method to this madness, otherwise why should it not be visible to them, that only thing left to offer and which our known enemies have been so vocal about, is our sole defense deterrence. Even in such times, the political bickering by PTI, PML-P and PPP, continues, further aggravating the economic crisis.

Ali T,