Roundtable urges political parties to address climate change

Discusses integration of climate action

ISLAMABAD  -  A landmark roundtable discussion yesterday fo­cused on the integration of climate action. The event brought together key stakeholders including parliamentarians, civil society organisation, and experts in the field of climate change. It organized by Malaika Raza, General Secretary of the Human Rights Cell, Pakistan People Party (PPP), and mod­erated by Fauzia Yazdani, Senior Policy Advisor.

Malaika Raza, in her opening remarks, highlighted the urgent need for political parties to address cli­mate change and underscored her commitment to initiating engagement on a wider scale to ensure its integration into the heart of political agendas. As the moderator, Ms Fauzia Yazdani invited political party representatives and participants to share their perspectives on this pressing issue. She encouraged them to contribute their insights and initiatives with­in their respective spheres of influence to collectively address this urgent matter. Ms Yazdani emphasised the need for a comprehensive approach, underlining the importance of strategic actions and collaboration to combat the challenges posed by climate change.

The discussion took a pivotal turn when Farhatul­lah Babar, General Secretary (PPP), addressed the gathering. He drew attention to the alarming reper­cussions of climate change, including glacier melt­ing and shifting rainfall patterns. Pakistan, he noted, ranks among the countries most severely affected by these changes. Babar underscored the intrinsic con­nection between population dynamics and environ­mental challenges, advocating for responsible water usage and land reforms to mitigate water-intensive crop cultivation. Sohail Malik, the Technical Lead of CRCC, brought the discussion to focus on the role of manifestos in driving collective action against cli­mate change. He emphasised the urgency of adopt­ing a visionary approach, prioritising global collabo­ration in combating environmental challenges.


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