SCCI chief questions about soaring inflation

Peshawar   -  In support of the ongoing protest by the traders’ community against the relentless increase in electricity, gas, and petroleum product prices, along with high inflation, the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has urged the interim government to reconsider its decisions in the interest of the national economy. The SCCI has also issued a warning that if no action is taken, extreme measures may be considered.

Ijaz Afridi, the Acting President of SCCI, expressed his concerns in a statement released on Thursday. He pointed out that the government appears to be absent in a situation where the economy is deteriorating day by day. “We are unsure about who is running the country. Economic, trade, and commercial activities have been significantly affected due to frequent increases in petroleum product prices, electricity and gas tariffs, as well as the devaluation of the rupee,” said Afridi.

However, he criticized the current interim government for remaining silent on these issues and instead focusing on endorsing the policies of the previous PDM coalition government, which left the national economy in an extremely perilous state. Afridi emphasized that the country’s economy and sustainable progress cannot be achieved without addressing the concerns of the business community and providing them with essential facilities.

He urged the interim government to refrain from implementing anti-business and trade-hostile initiatives and instead encouraged them to collaborate with chambers, trade bodies, and relevant stakeholders to formulate business-friendly policies.

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