Islamabad - Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that 2020 will be the year of Pakistan’s progress, in which ample job opportunities would be created for the country’s youth.

Addressing the launching ceremony of Delivery of Home Remittances Scheme by Overseas Pakistanis through Pakistan Post here, he said that despite difficulties, government has achieved economic stability.

Prime Minister said now country is heading towards growth and development with special focus on job creation and poverty alleviation. Imran said his government believed in merit. He admitted that 2018 was a tough year for his government, adding that “in 2019, we stabilised our economy”.

The prime minister further added the government was working hard to eradicate poverty. “We are implementing Ehsaas Programme and now the public would know that this government is truly serving them,” he added.

He said the government is working on policy to announce special incentives for overseas Pakistanis, who send remittances through legal channels.

Ample job opportunities would be created for the country’s youth

The Prime Minister said now families of overseas Pakistanis will be able to get remittances through a network of 500 designated post offices across the country.

Imran said overseas Pakistanis, who would avail this opportunity, will be rewarded for sending money through legal channels, adding overseas Pakistanis are a precious asset for the country and they played a vital role in the development of their homeland.

He said the government would further strive to facilitate the Pakistani diaspora residing across the world. He appreciated Minister for Postal Services Murad Saeed and his team for revamping the Pakistan Post and turning its income to next level.

The prime minister said that the vision for Naya Pakistan was based upon discarding the old mindset and patronizing merit system which in the past had badly hampered the functioning of all the government departments.

He said when they talked about the Naya Pakistan, they wanted to nurture a tendency of making new thoughts coupled with innovative ideas to make the lives of people easier.

Drawing at length the difference between the monarchy and democracy, the Prime Minister observed that in the past, the rulers wanted the people to serve them. The British rulers did not come to serve the people in the sub-continent rather they looked upon the people as their servants, he said, adding but in the democratic set-up, the rulers had to serve the people.

The prime minister lamented that even after independence, the people did not change their mindset and the officials at the public offices continued with the same strand of ruling elite.

He said that the country would attain a greater status if the public interests were secured, a system in which schools and hospitals functioned like the private ones.

“It was indeed unfortunate, but the change of mindset will ultimately take place though it would take time. During the cabinet meetings, I regularly ask the ministers about such changes,” he added.

The prime minister said that the establishment of state of Madinah took time after the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) changed the mindset of the people.

Referring to the functioning of Pakistan Post, the prime minister said that due to recent introduction of merit, it had turned into a profit making entity. “The system in a country becomes successful due to merit system. In the democracy, conditions of the people rise due to prevalence of merit. The West shifted from monarchy to democracy, but our countries went to the opposite side,” he observed and cited the progress of China due to introduction of merit system there under the leadership of President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang who had worked tirelessly for many decades.

The prime minister said that efforts were being made by his government to help the merit system prevail and counted recent drastic measures to make the PIA a profit making organization and curbing the losses of Rs100 billion in power sector.

He said that the year 2019 had been the difficult one due to various challenges and financial difficulties and expressed the resolve to lift the country out of these challenges.

The prime minister said that a scheme was on the anvil to give some sort of prizes or special cards including the health cards to the families of the overseas Pakistani labour class for sending remittances through legal channels.

He said he was aware of the hardships and the ordeals they suffered abroad to toil in difficult conditions and earn the livelihood.

Earlier, speaking on the occasion, Murad Saeed said Pakistan Post has the largest network in the country. He said foreign remittances initiative is just the beginning and now Pakistan Post will be offering country’s biggest banking network titled Pakistan Post Bank next year.

He said network of Pakistan Post will be enhanced from existing 12 to 27 thousand locations next year.