According to a report, Lahore is the 2nd most air polluted city in the world. Due to this polluted air, it is estimated that around 135,000 people loses their lives annually.

Air pollution is one of the biggest issues faced by Lahore. Lahore is a developing city with a huge number of population. Such a huge population and the factories are polluting the air in a large quantity. The air with a amount of dirt in it can cause many kinds of diseases such as, fever, typhoid, lungs and skin problems, cough, etc.

Air is the integral part of one’s life. We inhale air in every second of our lives. If we inhale the air full of chemicals, dirt and impurities, we will face numerous problems which can be dangers for the life.

Lahore is in danger with such statistics of death in each year due to air pollution only. The government should force the environmental protection agencies to work for the safeguard of Lahore. It is a big city of great importance; it needs a great attention from the concerned authorities.