KARACHI          -            Sindh Transport Minister Awais Shah on Tuesday ruled out impression of Green Line bus project’s inauguration in February, 2020.

He was referring to announcement made by Sindh Governor Imran Ismail that Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate Green Line bus project, in the month of February, next year.

Awais Shah said the governor has right to give statements but it is not technically possible to inaugurate the project in February. “It may take a year to purchase buses for the project,” he continued.

Shah said the federal government fond of taking U-Turns, the project cannot be completed immediately, if the federal government decides for it in principle. The minister said the provincial government has prepared plan for the fare and subsidy of the project.

Governor said that he had monitored the construction process of Green Line bus project over the directives of PM Imran Khan and he would brief him over its details.

Ismail said that PM Khan paid special attention to Sindh and it was the only province where people get health insurance cards without seeking any assistance from the provincial government.