Pakistan is a rich country due to its natural resources. But it is not producing as much wealth as its increasing population needs. Pakistan’s population is increasing day by day, due to over population in every year 2 million youths are jobless. Unemployment is very common in Pakistan.

According to a news report a woman from Yougata, Karachi, has 44 children. She was married at an early age of 12. She is still seeking the allowance of another child, because her father had 45 children.

A single women has 44 children, there might be millions of such women who has so many children. And there is no rule against such people, they themselves do not think about the development of the country. Lack of awareness is one of the biggest challenges, no one knows how rapidly the population of our country is increasing.

Now the population of Pakistan is 23 million and it will soon get doubled if no action is taken for controlling the population. Family planning can be helping hand for controlling the population. But the government should bring awareness to the public about the side-effects of such large population.